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Architectural Construction Toys

My fascination with all forms of architectural expression includes collecting old and contemporary architectural construction toys. Over the last 150 years or so there have been many types of kit, in wood, plastic, metal, terracotta, rubber and artificial stone, all designed to allow their lucky owners to create castles, houses, churches, railway stations, offices, factories or whatever they could imagine.

It is my aim here to tell you a little about the range and diversity of such toys, provide some information about specific sets through an alphabetical list and perhaps enthuse you too. I've also listed some other sources of information in the form of a book list and links to other sites.

types of toys A description and personal categorisation of the types of architectural construction toys - leading to further pages describing the types in more detail alphabetical list Alphabetical list of architectural construction toys - if you know what you want or just fancy browsing
book list Books on architectural toys - if you like to hold information in your hand toy links Links to like-minded sites, which though small in number are all fascinating and different and have some great pictures
If you know of any more books or links, please email me!

I do add to and generally muck around with this site all the time, but to create a little excitement I thought it might be fun to have a featured toy of the month. A little more thought persuaded me that it might be prudent to change this to:

Toy of the Moment

The third featured set is Curtain Wall Builder, a 1950's american toy which builds modular flat roofed office buildings and the like. The walls are built up from metal components in three lengths and two styles, along with internal and external corners. The only other major part is a plastic double door. Cut-to-fit carboard roofs then sit on top, supported by plastic wall capping parts. See the Curtain Wall Builder page for more information, including an illustration of the various parts.

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