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Airfix Building Set


The sets comprise red plastic bricks with rectangular studs on top which allow the bricks to be interlocked as shown here. This of course is the back view!

Pale green window and doors, the former having rather nice diamond pattern glazing bars, attach in the same way.

Roofs are green cardboard with black tile pattern, cut from a larger sheet. Accessory sets containing full and half size green plastic roof tiles were also available. The tiles have a projection under the lower edge to to give an h-shaped cross-section, providing a groove for the next row of tiles to slide into it.

Other accessory sets contained white windows and doors, including a garage door and plainer style house windows, including a picture window with a clip-in bay window.

The main drawback with building with these bricks is that they tend to get stuck together and can break (usually the stud comes off) if forced. The sets also include green garden fence pieces.

category interlocking bricks
materials plastic, card
date 1940's?
made by Airfix, UK


A view of the box lid for the starter set:

A typical building: