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American Logs


The usual type of log cabin design with wooden logs of various lengths having cut-outs or indents at their ends to allow interlocking with other logs placed at right angles. These logs are square in cross-section and have textured sides. Sets came in two scales and some construction problems are solved differently in the different sizes.

In the larger scale "Senior Size", roofs are made of slats which fit together by tongue and groove method and include a triangular cross section ridge piece. The gables are built up from special logs which get progressively shorter and have angled ends. Roof slats are held on by the lower of these gable logs projecting out and having a notch in the top surface.

The small scale sets have triangular gable pieces and hold the slats on with S shaped metal clips which fit over the top log of the wall and cup the lower slat. These slats do not have the tongue and groove detail nor is there an ridge piece.

Logs are stained brown, roof parts green, gable boards yellow and chimneys red.

category log cabins
materials wood, sometimes metal
date post war
made by Halsam Products Company, Chicago, Illinois, USA