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Anchor Blocks


Artificial stone blocks in (usually) red, white and blue which in common sets come in a limited range of rectangular, triangular, arched and cylindrical shapes but were actually produced in vast range of variations. Some sets, for instance ones intended to produce bridges, had metal parts too.

The regular sets produce wonderful civic buildings whilst other ranges produced fortresses, domestic houses and bridges. Wonderfully illustrated booklets came with the sets as did sheets of people, trees and so forth which are now rarely found. The models shown in the booklets can be quite complicated to build, with counterbalancing blocks used to allow projecting features or to bridge spaces, so a separate booklet of plans showing the block layout at every level of the model were also included.

The best place to go to find out about Anchor Blocks is George Hardy's site.
Sets are being produced again - see here to find out where to get them.
If you read german this site will be of interest.

category bricks that stack
materials artifical stone, some metal parts too in some sets
date from around 1880 to 1930's
made by F. Ad. Richter & Co., Germany, but also Gilbert in the USA


A typical illustration from an instruction book:

richter blocks

The contents of a bridge building set, including the sheets of cut-outs:

richter blocks