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Cubic framework of yellow plastic girders connected to each other and into grey plastic bases by means of colourless six-way connectors of this shape: whose arms fit into sockets at the ends of the girders.
Rigid white plastic wall panels attach to the frame by hanging off the upper girder and come in three basic designs: plain wall, windows with coloured panels beneath and glazed wall with double doors. Parts to cover the corners and roof edges allow for finished looking buildings. Accessory packs were available with wall panels of different textures, all of which are white apart from brick effect ones in a caramel brown. Drop in card panels form the roof. Complex shapes often require special parts which where not usually contained in the standard sets, making Arkitex less flexible than Kenner girder and panel sets.

Sets were produced in 00 and 1/42 scales, to match with Tri-ang railways and Spot-On cars respectively. You can find out a great deal of further information on the sets in both scales, including part numbers and set contents, on James Day's impressively comprehensive information sheets:
Tri-ang Arkitex Construction System (00/H0 Series)
Tri-ang Arkitex Construction System (1/42 Series)

category girder and panel sets
materials plastic, card, metal
date c. 1959 - c. 1965
made by sold under the Tri-ang name, part of the Lines Bros. Group
made by Spot-On Models Ltd, Belfast, Northern Ireland


further information

This website has pictures of almost all of the different sets and you can buy a variety of replacement replica parts for your sets here.