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Wooden bricks which slide onto upright metal rods fitted into a card baseboard. The wall parts also have a tongue on the upper edge and groove on the lower to facilitate connection between rows. The vertical end edges of the bricks have a groove which fits onto the vertical tongue edge of corner pieces and which also allows card window or door pieces to be fitted into appertures in the wall. A wonderful wide collection of alternative windows and doors are offered and they are finished with painted metal ledges (windows only) and arched lintels.

Curved bricks allow the building of towers whilst a variety of special parts permit the towers to be connected into rectangular buildings. Special parts can also to used to give a stepped-out or crenellated finish to the tower - see box lid below. Cylindrical corner parts provide small corner turrets. Card panels are provided to permit internal floors or flat roofs and card strips and angles allow walls to be stabilised.

Rectangular pitched roofs can be made with painted metal panels with intermesh as the apex whilst one piece turned wooded roofs finish the turrets and towers.

category other construction methods
materials wood, metal, card
date 1930's-40's
made by not known, France


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