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Betta Bilda


Plastic bricks with stud and socket connection between rows, very similar to Lego, but with thin roof tiles connecting together by a stud and hole arrangement(see below).

Bricks come in red or white in various lengths but always one stud wide. Special wall parts include anged gable bricks, curved bricks and arches. Flat wall / floor plates in a limited range of sizes came in white only (as far as I am aware). Various designs of windows and doors including opening garage door. Later sets also had larger special window, door and wall sections in yellow or blue.

Roof tiles are usually green, but red ones also exist. They include plain full and half tiles, ridge tiles, internal and external angle tiles and ridges and tiles incorporating a flat studded section for a chimney.

A castle accessory set offered such parts as curved bricks for towers, half arches, a gate with drawbridge, arrow slits and peaked wall coping.

Betta Bilda also offered wheels and axle blocks to make vehicles but generally stuck to architectural parts.

category bricks that interlock
materials plastic
date 1960's and 70's
made by Airfix, London, England


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