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Plastic bricks in two sizes with vertical holes which slide down over wooden rods fitted into a baseboard. The bricks come in red and white, with some clear. The ends of the bricks also have vertical grooves into which slip windows and doors. Above and below the latter are fitted reversible ledges/lintels. When in place as a lintel above a window or door they act as the base for the wooden rods needed to take the bricks which go over the window or door.

Specialist parts included window boxes and shutters and curved bricks. A wooden mallet is provided to help fit the rods into the base!

The sets contain detailed blueprints for specific buildings. The smaller sets only allow for flat rooves, for which cut to size boards are provided. The pitched roofs of larger sets are fairly complicated. The walls are finished off with wall plates which contain sockets for the rafters. Roof tiles attach (rather precariously I have found) to these by means of small projections on the back which fit into grooves on the rafters. Specialist tiles allow for roof junctions and chimneys.

category other construction methods
materials plastic, wood
date (c) 1946
made by Du Page Plastics Co.,


The special roof tiles:

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