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A rather complicated construction method which builds a wooden framework into which are incorporated printed card panels representing plain wall, windows or doors. In some sets the windows are of printed cellophane, but mine are just printed onto the card.

There are wooden uprights with grooves up each side into which the edges of the card panels slot. Between each layer of uprights and panels (ie each storey) is interposed a frameword of wooden slats. These have half-cutouts which allow them to slot together into a square pattern rather like the card dividers in a box of wine glasses. The points where they cross fit into the tops and bottoms of the uprights. The ends of the uprights having two cross slots which line up with the grooves up the side.

Small card pieces with tongues to fit into the grooves are place in the frame under each wall panel and jut out at right angles. Depending on shape these either provide a string course or balcony. Further shaped card parts allow for gabled roofs.

The ends of the cross slats stick out from the side of the building so grooved wooden parts, rather like buttresses, are provided to slot over them.

category other construction methods
materials wood, card, cellophane (sometimes)
date 1920's/30's
made by L'Edifice, Paris, France


picture of contents and manual cover on Richard Craycroft's site.

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