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Exin Castles


Plastic bricks with stud and socket connection between rows made from a mottled beige plastic intended to represent stone. Stone-effect parts include rectangular, arched, curved and circular (for towers) bricks, floor plates, steps, crenellated tower tops (square and circular), smooth top bricks for crenellating the walls and parts to look like they support overhangs.

Windows and doors, including a large portcullised gate are toffee coloured and also stone effect, with black grilles. Various sizes of red conical roofs are supplied for circular towers.

The sets also come with heraldic style shields, braziers and torchs to decorate the walls, along with (in larger sets) a selection of castle inhabitants, including a ghost.

There is also a series of sets called the Golden Series intended to represent the later period of European castle building when they became more palaces than fortresses. In these sets the wall parts are a pale bluey-grey rather than beige, windows are larger (some with coloured stained-glass effect 'glazing') with white gothic style frames. One piece turret roofs in both circular and square styles are dark blue. In addition, roofing bricks in the same colour allow the building of gable roofs. Gold pinnacles finish off the turret roofs.

category bricks that interlock
materials plastic
date 1970's to 90's
made by Exin-Lines Bros., S.A., Barcelona, Spain
distributed in the US by: Fink and Company Inc., Hope, Arkansas, USA


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