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Girder and Panel


Plastic upright and cross girders onto which are attached thin plastic cladding panels by means of holes in the panels and studs on the girders. Roof are generally provided by drop-in panels although some later sets have diagonal girders which allow for pitched roofs.

A wide range of sets have been available over the years, primarily intended to build modern style commercial buildings such as offices, hotels and airports. These sets generally have a minimal variety of wall panels. Early sets have textured panels but later ones are just printed, although on these the windows are actually fully transparent. One range, called 'Modern as Tomorrow' includes curved glazed walls (with curved flat roof panels) and two storey support pillars to allow large overhangs. These sets also include a few panels with interior detail.

One group of Kenner sets which differ in style are the 'Build-a-Home' sets. These are intended for constructing domestic and suburban architecture including homes, churches and the like. Here the panels are textured in weatherboard and brick finishes with various window and door styles. These sets also differ in the complex roof arrangements possible, with about six different roof panels to allow for intersecting gables. Chimneys and pinnacles, along with exterior details such as bushes and wall creepers, are also included.

category girders and panels
materials plastic, masonite
date late 1950's until present, with gaps
made by Kenner (1957-1968)
General Mills (1974-1979)
Irwin Toys, Toronto, Canada (1992-recently)


Kenner sets

an Irwin set

Build-a-home sets

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