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Der Kleine Grosseblock Baumeister


Hard white plastic wall panels with studs top and bottom which connect together by means of softer blue plastic beams with holes. Flat red panels wiht studs at the corners form the roof and similar ones in white with studs on both sides form the intermediate floors. Wall panels come in a variety of designs, including different windows and doors. Green balconies clip onto windows. There are also large clear shop windows and a rather complicated set of parts including a small window and triangular wall pieces to allow the construction of gabled roofs. Trees, animals, parasols and chimneys are also included.

With the exception of those for the gables, the parts are essentially the same as those in Architects Construction Set, Build-Up and Constructo Plastic Building Set, albeit in different colours and slightly different panel designs.

category other construction methods
materials plastic
date 1960's-70's
made by Plaspi?, Germany


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