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Moulding kit which produces plaster components in a range of standard sizes in a wide variety of designs. These included various wall finishes, window and door designs and special parts such as arches. Parts connect together by means of interlocking castellated edges, but also need glue, which is supplied. Sheets of roofing, again in a number of finishes can also be produced, but they have no edge connections. Special additional moulds produce church steeples, crenellated castle tower tops, dormer windows and other more three-dimensional parts.

The sets also provided measuring spoons, mixing bowls and various tools to manipulate the plaster mixture plus plastic building details such as guttering and window glazing and paper decals.

category moulding kits
materials rubber and plastic moulds, plaster-like moulding powder, glue, plastic detailing and glazing, paper
date 1979 to 1982
1984 to 1993 (as Linka Systems)
2003 to date
made by Thomas Salter Ltd, Fife, Scotland
Stuart Manley, Alnwick, Northumberland, England
Linka World, Inc., Virginia, USA


examples of the kinds of parts producded:

You can buy Linka here and find out more about it's history here.

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