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The Log Cabin Playhouse


A delightful Victorian set which builds a square log cabin with gabled roof, with a door in one wall and a window in two of the others.

Wooden circular cross-section logs with cut-outs to allow crossing at corners. Appertures for the metal plate door and window shutters are made possible stabilising the short logs on either side with metal rods through holes in the logs. The doors and shutters have rod hinges which also fit into holes in the logs above and below. Triangular wooden plates make the gable ends and two flat pieces provide the roof, slotting into a ridge piece which attaches to the gables with wooden dowels. The roof plates each have a block nailed to the underside to rest behind the walls to stop them slipping off. A chimney attaches to the ridge with a wooden dowel.

category log cabins
materials wood, metal
date 1860's
made by Ellis, Britton and Eaton, USA


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