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Interlocking rectangular rubber bricks, with studs on the underside and holes on the top. Thin printed plastic windows and doors fitted into walls by means of small tabs which fitted into tiny holes in the bricks. Bricks and beams with holes on both sides were provided for the foundation layer and to form lintels. Building ornament was provided by white balustrading and column parts. Roofs were rubber too - either whole hinged roofs, or interlocking rubber tiles. Angled gable pieces were supplied and in some sets wooden beams with the same cross-section as these pieces to support roofs.

The regular sets had red bricks with white foundation and lintels and green roofs. There were also Tudor sets with black and white bricks and red roofs.

category bricks that interlock
materials rubber, plastic
date 1935 to 1975
made by Premo Rubber Company, Petersfield, England


cover of an instruction book:

a typical building suggestion from the instruction book, showing both balustrades and columns:

Tudor Minibrix:

further information

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