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Pale blue-grey plastic wall panels, in a number of lengths an window/door combinations, which connect together at the ends with small crenellations, either at 90 or 180 degrees. Open framed cream interior dividing walls attach to the inside of these walls and each other to allow you to indicate the room layout, although I always find the limited range of window layouts on the exterior walls rather hampers this. Limited plastic furniture - for the bathroom and kitchen plus a fireplace are also provided, as are opening doors. The interior can be 'decorated' by fitting different coloured paper strips onto the interior walls.

Blue-grey gable and red roof panels snap together to allow roofs for most of the wide range of building shapes possible. No interior floors are provided so two storey buildings do not appear to be seriously envisaged.

As with many american toys, this give a wonderful insight into american domestic architecture to a european like myself.

category other construction methods
materials plastic, card
date 1950's-60's
made by Pyro Plastics Corp., USA


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