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Terracotta bricks held together with mortar (powder supplied) which can be seperated for re-use by soaking in water. Opening plastic windows and doors, including garage door. Wooden roof boards are supplied onto which are mortared terracotta tiles, either pantile-effect or simple flat curved-end ones, and ridge tiles. Wooden gable boards are also supplied, but there are also two angles of gable bricks. Long flat terracotta 'beams' are included in some sets and can be used for roofs, either as they are or tiling on top. Wooden beams which can be used to support roofs over terraces for example are supplied too. There are a variety of odd shaped or decorative bricks which can build things like garden walls, arches, porches or wells!

There are a number of different sets, all having rather different parts, but all containing a heavy chipboard base board, a plastic mortar mixing bowl and a metal trowel.

category bricks and mortar
materials terracotta, wood, plastic, mortar powder
date 1990's
made by Terracuita Teifoc S.L., Spain


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