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Lincoln Logs


Circular cross-section wooden logs of various lengths with cut-outs at regular intervals to allow for cross linking. Very early sets had one-piece wooden roofs with fabric hinges and special gable logs. Later sets had special gable pieces supporting a number of thin horizontal roof slats. These gable pieces were wood but changed to plastic, presumably in the 1960's, as did the chimneys which sit on top. Some sets (from the 1970's?) included clips to hold the roof slats together and also card building signs with plastic holders to sit on top of the roof. Recent sets have moulded plastic roofs and also plastic windows and doors to fit into the gaps in the logs which previously served for these features.

Some early sets also included wheels and various sets, including modern ones have offered people to inhabit, defend or attack the log buildings.

category log cabins
materials wood, plastic
date patented 1920, still being made
made by J.L. Wright Inc., Chicago, USA
Lincoln Logs, a Division of Playskool Manufacturing Company
Playskool, a Milton Bradley Company
now Playskool, Chicago, USA


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